Partnering up with our
Charity of Choice

18 March 2021: You might have heard about our recent Give Back The Gap campaign, where members who identify as womxn at our coworking space are offered a discount of 19% (the 2020 Gender Pay Gap in Germany) on their memberships. This campaign (ongoing until 2086 when the gap is calculated to finally close (we are of course hoping this wage gap will close sooner and the 19% will drop to zero before 2086!)) is supposed to encourage other companies to reassess their own wage policies and make changes where necessary.

Berlin Collective Action e.V. + 19% Gender Gap Discount

Most of our current members and new members have taken us up on the offer, but some have chosen not to as they believe others may benefit more from it. To this end, we’ve set up a donation option, which sees tuesday partnering up with Berlin Collective Action e.V. (BCA). This means that womxn freelancers who join the space but do not wish to avail of the discount for themselves can choose to have the discount instead forwarded through tuesday to the BCA as part of their monthly membership.

Why BCA? Well, tuesday is a locally run business with a focus on community, so we thought something local which benefits those around us would be a good way to go. We feel this charity aligns well with tuesday‘s values and look forward to a successful partnership with them.

From the BCA website: “The fund aims to prioritise those most impacted by COVID-19. Due to the realities of systemic oppression, this generally means womxn, queer, trans and non-binary people, low-income gig workers, people with migratory backgrounds, BIPOC, sex workers, the immunocompromised, people with disabilities and those who are unsafe in quarantine.”

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