Team Office Rental Berlin

Next availability: 1 free office available soon

Are you looking for a private office that doesn’t cost the world, but is still flexible enough to meet all the requirements of a modern “new work” workspace? Yes? Great!

Be sure to get in touch quick if you’re interested in an office with us. Here’s what you’d get:

  • 24/7 access
  • Hybrid Workplace* functionality (see below)
  • Furnished, 22 square meters (office chairs, tables, whiteboard, shelving, containers, drawers, sun curtain, acoustic ceiling panels)
  • Matchmaking service with our freelancers and companies
  • € 1000 worth of Notion credit for start-up teams
  • Insurance included
  • Cleaning included
  • Shared kitchens and bathrooms
  • Free coffee, tea and milk (lactose-free, oat and regular)
  • Printing included (fair-use)

  • 3 work stations: € 995 net / month
  • 3 months minimum contract
  • 2 months notice period
  • 1 month deposit
  • € 50 net / month for each additional teammate

Hybrid Workplace functionality

tuesday coworking’s Hybrid Workplace functionality allows your organisation to make full use of the office at all times by embracing hybrid work within our coworking space.

  • Have twice to three times as many of your teammates use the same work stations on different days of the week
  • Manage your team’s usage of your private team office and allow your teammates to easily choose the desks they will be working at that day
  • Understand when certain teammates are coming into the office and invite your favourites with collaborative work scheduling
  • Monitor space analytics to make better workplace policy decisions and take control of your office
  • Have a look at the Explainer Video to see how exactly it can work for you!

Sounds interesting?

Get in touch to arrange a tour of our bright and beautiful Berlin coworking space!

Email: info@tuesdaycoworking.com
Tel.: +49 (0)30 6449 7772

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