Meet the Team

Founder & Manager:
John Neilan

Seeking respite from his freelance translator existence and its mind-crushing screw catalogues, John co-founded tuesday coworking in 2016, slowly building it up from a wee pup of a thing to a fully-fledged limited company (MoreThanADesk Ltd.) in 2020.

Like a bemittenéd Bernie Sanders, John likes sitting patiently, taking things slow & steady, and making sure everything is ticking over nicely. He also likes cinema and every now and then an hour on the driving range.

Photo Credit: @gpparhar

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Community Manager:

Benedita joined tuesday coworking as our first full-time employee in the Summer of 2020. She’s responsible for member well-being and experiments on them with her muffin and cookie baking joyrides. Whether we will ever see her putting her forklift truck driving licence to use, is only for the stars to tell.


Photo credit: Mafalda Monteiro

Office Manager:

Valeria joined the tuesday coworking team in October 2022. She likes travelling, baking, learning new languages and throwing holiday parties like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

When she’s not giving tours of the space to new members, you’ll probably find her concocting new variations of the International Potluck Dinners she organises at tuesday.

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