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tuesday coworking partners with Notion

tuesday coworking has partnered up with Notion to offer startups working at tuesday the opportunity to redeem €1000 of credits for a Notion Team Plan. This translates to a year of product usage for free for a team of 10.

Don’t know Notion? Notion takes the building blocks of productivity and work (notes, docs, databases, tasks) and lets you combine them any way you want in one place.

Thousands of startups use this plan to run a wiki, manage projects, share documents, and more. It usually costs €10 per person per month, but with the credit, you can try it for free!

Free Coworking Abroad

Planning a trip, but need to work? tuesday is part of the Coworking Visa programme.

What does that mean? That means that any other space listed on this map will give full tuesday members free access to their spaces for anywhere between 1-3 days/month.

How does it work? You contact them, tell them you work at tuesday. They then contact us to confirm and that’s it!

Discounted Gym Membership

Your multi-award winning coworking space tuesday coworking is now partners with Berlin’s multi-award-winning fitness club, SuperFit!

SuperFit, with 9 gyms all across Berlin, has been awarded the best fitness club in Berlin every year since 2017.

Now, we have a deal exclusively for tuesday coworking members which gives you heavily discounted membership (€19.90/month instead of €33.90/month) as well as no setup fee (€29).

You’ll find this and numerous other benefits in our Members’ Portal after you sign up.

Buna Dimaa from Coffee Circle

You’ll surely be glad to know that coffee, tea and printing are all included in our membership packages at tuesday. Sweet deal, eh?

But not just any old coffee. No, no. We get 10 kilos of freshly roasted “Buna Dimaa” coffee from Coffee Circle delivered to our four coworking spaces. Not only is it delicious and fair-trade, but for every kilo we buy, €1 goes to the farmer for training and sustainability programmes. Also reported to have the lowest acrylamide* levels, we’re very happy with our choice of coffee dealer.


Why not come by and try it for yourself during a free trial day?

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