Coworking Space Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf:
Bundesallee 187

Coworking on Two Levels

Our beautiful Bundesallee space offers a variety of working options with standing desks, couches, a quiet focus room and supermassive tables downstairs for team work, and regular desks on our upper level.

Meeting Room

In line with the industrial look of the space, we call our meeting room here “Metal”. It seats six and has a flatscreen TV (with Google Chromecast + HDMI cable) and optional large whiteboard on wheels.

The meeting room is free to use for tuesday members.

Non-members can book it for €25/hour. Find out about rental here.

Phone Booth

Our free-to-use “Poddie” phone booth with automatic ventilation, lighting, USB ports, plug sockets and excellent insulation means you have everything you need for your comfortable confidential call!

Kitchen & Lounge Areas

Our kitchen upstairs and two our lounge areas upstairs & downstairs offer three distinct areas where you can chat with your fellow coworkers or just relax.


Cycling to work? Why not debrief in our shower!

A4 & A3 Printing

This space is the only one of our three Berlin coworking spaces with its own A3 printer. Use of this is included in your membership.


Fixed Desk
at Bundesallee: €299* / month

Get your own fixed desk at our Bundesallee space along with all the perks that come with our monthly membership!

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This package gives you access to our Bundesallee space where you can pick a desk just for you! Set up a monitor, arrange your family photos, bring over your favourite lamp. This desk is yours and no-one else’s!

  • 20 hours/month of meeting room usage included
  • Free use of the phone booth
  • Coffee, tea, milk (regular/oat/lactose-free) & printing for free
  • Contract can be terminated to the end of the month
  • Minimum membership is one full month (you can start at any time of the month)

  • A fixed desk in our Pflügerstrasse (Neukölln) space costs €279*/month
  • A fixed desk in our Belziger Straße (Schöneberg) space costs €279*/month
  • A fixed desk in our Bundesallee (Wilmersdorf) space costs €299*/month

* All prices excluding VAT

Flex 100
at Bundesallee: €219* / month

Full unlimited access! Take a free desk wherever you like and take advantage of a wide range of perks that come with membership at our coworking space

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Full-time access to our coworking space on Bundesallee in Wilmersdorf. This package includes

  • 10 hours/month of meeting room usage included
  • Free unlimited use of our spacious phone booths
  • Coffee, tea, milk (regular/oat/lactose-free) & printing for free
  • Membership can be terminated to the end of the month
  • Minimum membership is one full month (you can start at any time of the month)
  • Pausing membership is permitted for one month

  • Unlimited access to our Bundesallee space costs €219*/month
  • Unlimited access to our entire network of spaces (Belziger Strasse, Bundesallee and Pflügerstrasse) costs €249*/month

* Price excludes VAT

Flex 50
at Bundesallee: €139* / month

This, our half-time package, gives you access for max. 20 hours per week to our Bundesallee space. Click on "More Info +" for all the details!

More info +

This package gives you access for a max. 20 hours/week (includes evenings and weekends). We don’t monitor the hours, we trust you to be cool about this. If you repeatedly go over your allotted hours, come to us and we’ll try to fashion a plan that works for both parties.

  • 5 hours/month of meeting room usage included
  • Free unlimited use of our spacious phone booths
  • Coffee, tea, milk (regular/oat/lactose-free) & printing for free
  • Contract can be terminated to the end of the month
  • Minimum membership is one full month (you can start at any time of the month)
  • Pausing membership is permitted for one month

  • Access to our Bundesallee space costs €139*/month
  • Flex 50 access to our entire network of spaces (Bundesalle, Belziger Strasse and Pflügestrasse) costs €169*/month

* All prices excluding 19% VAT

Give Back The Gap
19% Discount

tuesday coworking is trying to set an example for other companies by giving back the gap. This means we're offering womxn who cowork from our space a discount of 19% on their memberships.

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Society has it such that women earn 19% less than men (the so-called unadjusted gender wage gap). We’re giving back the gap, meaning womxn can cowork from our spaces for 19% less.

tuesday coworking is trying to set an example for other companies by giving back the gap. What does that mean? It means we’re offering womxn* (specifically: freelancers / entrepreneurs / solopreneurs who identify as women) our Flex 50, Flex 100 and Fixed Desk coworking memberships with a discount of 19%. This corresponds to the unadjusted gender wage gap in Germany most recently calculated in 2020.

If even a small company like ours can afford to set an example like this, then surely bigger companies with greater profits can be encouraged to take a moment to think in what ways they too can contribute to reducing the gender pay gap.

* Only those womxn who pay their memberships themselves are eligible. This means that organisations or companies who pay the memberships of tuesday coworkers cannot receive the discount. We feel those organisations or companies should already be offering a fair wage.

Meeting Rooms
Between 5-20 hours per month free for members

We have four meeting rooms that seat between 1 and 8 people. Members can book the rooms through our Members' Portal.

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Whether it’s for a team workshop or your professional online interview, our meeting rooms have different features for every occasion. Included at no extra charge in all our meeting rooms are whiteboard and WiFi.

Optionally, depending on the meeting room, you can add the following Extras:

  • Drinks flat rate includes mineral water, organic coffee and Cupper tea.
  • Flip charts
  • Presentation case / “Moderationskoffer” (currently only available in “Metal” in Bundesallee)

Members get 5 (Flex 50), 15 (Flex 100) or 20 (Fixed Desk) hours free in the meeting rooms per month included in their memberships. Every additional hour per month is charged at half the non-member booking price.

Non-members can view all the meetings rooms here or book them directly here for either €20* and €25* per hour depending on the room.

* All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Virtual Office

We offer the option to register your business with us (+ Google Maps). Find out the details by clicking on "More Info +"

More info +

Virtual Office / Registered Address Business Service starting from €49/month*

We can also scan in your letter mail for total € 69/month* or forward them to your physical address for total €89/month*.

Here, you get your name or company name on our mail box and can use our address as your registered business address with the German authorities. You can also use the address for your Google Maps entry. Your new address will look as follows:

Your name / Your company
Belziger Str. 69-71
10823 Berlin

Members who have a coworking package with us and choose to register their business address with us also get a €20 discount on this business address membership package.

Read all the details and sign up on our dedicated Virtual Office page.

* All prices excluding VAT

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Frequently Asked Questions

What methods of payment do you accept?

We can issue invoices to your company or to you personally, which can be paid either via credit card or direct debit.

Is it possible to reserve the phone booths?

Yes, you can use our Member Portal’s online booking system to book a cabin for yourself for up to three hours at a time.

How many coworkers are working at tuesday coworking?

It fluctuates, as of March 2024, we have 250 expert freelancers and team members spread out between the three spaces.

Are locations cleaned often, or do I have to pitch in?

We have cleaners who come regularly. The only thing we might as you to do is to run the dishwasher if you’re the last one leaving.

How can you guarantee that there will be enough space for everybody?

Since the majority of our members avail of the Flex 50 (20 hours per week) option, it’s extremely rare that we experience any issues here. If we do, then we stop accepting new members for that specific location.

How long is the minimum membership?

Our minimum membership is one month if your membership starts at the start of the month. If you start in the middle of a month, your membership will run for one month with termination to the end of the month. For example, say you start on the 22nd of the month, the earliest your membership will discontinue will be at the end of the following month. In this example, your first bill will be pro-rated for the period 22-28/30/31.

How long has tuesday coworking been open for coworkers?

We opened our first Berlin coworking space in the summer of 2016 (closing it in 2024). Our second, larger space we opened in the summer of 2018. Since then we’ve been the home of the neglected freelancer, providing them with that very necessary work-life separation.
Bonus factoid: We opened our third space, Bundesallee in 2021 and our Neukölln space in January 2023!

If someone is on the phone at a location, but I want to work in a quiet environment, is there something I can do?

Our Belziger Strasse and our Pflügerstrasse locations have Quiet Zones where no phone calls are allowed, so you can go there. Our Bundesallee Space is set up entirely as a Talker Space, but you can book the phone booth or the meeting room there if you need to take some confidential calls.

Are you open longer than 9am-6pm?

Our staff is available weekdays from 9am-6pm, but members have additional access outside these hours too. Coworking members have access to both Bundesallee and Pflügerstrasse 24/7. Belziger Strasse is accessible from 8am-10pm from Monday to Friday and 10-8pm at the weekends.

Can I bring my pet dog, Sir Meowsalot?

Strange name for a dog, but sure, provided he’s not disruptive for your fellow coworkers, bring Sir Meowsalot along!

What adjectives would you ascribe to the different spaces?

Belziger Strasse: amenable (that is, full of amenities), airy, be-high-ceilingéd, focussed, junglific, community-centred
Bundesallee: be-very-high-ceilingéd, industrial, representative
Pflügerstrasse: rustic, woody, imperfect!

Can I bring my own food and drinks to coworking spaces?

You can! All of our spaces have kitchens with cookers and enough pots & pans for you to get your cook on! If you’re making food that smells, you should eat it in the kitchen. If it’s just an apple or a croissant, etc., then you’re welcome to have them at your desk as well if you feel like it.

Get in touch

You have a question for tuesday coworking or want to book the meeting room? Send us a mail, we respond fast!