Give the gift of Baby Yoda*… and coworking,
give the gift of coworking

Stuck for something to give to your loved one this Christmas? Or maybe you’re just sick and tired of them hanging around the apartment and getting on your nerves all day? Either way, we’ve got the perfect holiday gift for them!

This year, why not help out your local independent coworking space by buying a membership gift voucher for your friends and family! Why would you do that?

Baby Yoda* discovers Benedita’s cookies

Maybe a coworking space is exactly what they need to get their productivity up in the New Year (see also my article on How to Hack Your Coworking Membership). Not to mention:

  • the endless free coffee & tea
  • the access to our Experts’ Network Member Portal where they might find some professional advice for whatever they’re working on
  • the free access to our meeting rooms (in case you might want to join them for a day)

Oh, and did I also (not-to-) mention the cake & cookies? tuesday’s Community Manager, Benedita, went baking-mad over the last few months and the members have become her willing guinea pigs. “Oh no, more cake!”, cries no-one.

So yes, this year, why not surprise your nearest and dearest with the gift of a month-long membership in our coworking spaces!

These gift vouchers are valid for one month, can be started at any time and won’t rope you or the person you’re gifting them to into any long-term contracts. If they like the space and want to stick around after the month, that’s totally doable. If not, then it’s ciao for niao!

For pricing & more details on all the benefits a membership here at tuesday gives you, have a look at our Coworking page. And once you’re ready to buy, just send us an email: with Voucher in the subject or give us a call on +49 (0)30 6449 7772.

Don’t need any more convincing? Then go ahead and get your gift voucher directly here.

From there, click on “tuesday coworking” on the right and select either “Flex 50” (€85 / month + VAT) or “Flex 100” (€165/month + VAT). Get it now before VAT reverts to 19%! Don’t worry, we’ll verify everything with you before you’re charged.

Happy Holidays!


* And yes, we are fully aware that his name is actually Grogu. And yes, we are also disappointed that his name is Grogu.