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tuesday coworking is now two quiet, relaxed and independently owned & operated coworking spaces in Schöneberg, Berlin. We’re open to flexible individuals or small teams in need of an office infrastructure without the distractions of home.

Why not come over for a tour or a free trial day in either of our two Berlin coworking spaces. Our monthly memberships give you access to both. That’s right: two different, independent coworking spaces, one great membership! Book your trial day here!

Belziger Str. 71

Quiet Room (ground floor)

High ceilings and loads of light. Pick a desk for yourself to work at in our main room. It’s quiet here, but we have a couple of break-out areas if you’re hankering for some social interaction.

Talker Room (first floor)

Our upstairs first floor talker level is the place-to-be for anyone who likes it a bit more lively. We have some very very soft music (Soma FM – Groove Salad) playing in the background and you can take and make as many calls up here as you like.

Conference Rooms

In “Earth” (our Zoom Room on the ground floor) and “Air” (first floor) you can conduct your meetings, receive clients or just have a chat with a friend. Members can reserve the rooms using our online app or book them spontaneously at the space. Non-members can book them starting at €18/hour + VAT. Need a room? Get a room!

Our Two Phone Cabins

Specially built for our space, we have two sound-insulated cabins, which members can use for free for making or taking calls without disturbing the others. Zero distraction. Hugely practical.

Podcasting Booth

With two Rode M3 microphones and one Zoom H6 Recorder, our sound-insulated room is perfect for recording your podcasts. tuesday members have in it yet another free perk included in their memberships. And since the booth is new, non-members can rent the booth for just €10/hour (+VAT) by appointment. Send us a mail if you’d like to record your podcast at our space:

Kitchen & Lounge

Take a load off and relax in our chill kitchen. Make yourself some food on our cooker, sup some of our excellent Coffee Circle coffee and shoot the breeze with your fellow coworkers.

Event Space Rental

Looking to host a workshop, a 48-hour accelerator programme, a seminar or function or something else? Then check out our event space in Belziger Strasse, also available at short notice! More info

Nap Room

Yep, you read that right, we have a nap room! Schedule your power-nap by writing your name in on the sheet on the door, then close it behind you, draw the curtain, fold down the bed and grab those ZZZZs!

Feurigstrasse 51

Talker Room

You can pick a desk for yourself or work in a two-person team in our front room. This is where the real coworking happens! You’re welcome to take calls here. If you want it really quiet, we suggest our quiet room next door.

Quiet Room

Sit in one of the eight chairs around our big table and really concentrate on what you need to get done. No calls allowed here, but if you need to take a call, there are plenty of places you can go.

Meeting Room

This room we call “Fire” (Feurigstrasse) and it’s the place to have meetings, receive clients and take phone or skype calls. The room seats 12 and is free to use for tuesday members. Non-members can book it for €18/hour. Find out about rental here

Kitchen & Lounge

Make yourself a cup a coffee, sit back and relax on our comfy couch and heat up your lunch in our chill kitchen

Note: We get 5 kilos of freshly roasted “Buna’a Dima” coffee from Coffee Circle delivered to the space. Not only is it delicious and fair-trade, but for every kilo we buy, €1 goes to the farmer for training and sustainability programmes.

Community Benefits

We offer a friendly alternative to the bustling, ultra-commercial coworking options, which seem to be taking over. As such, we focus more on Our Community & culture than big bucks & business. So come over, get your work done, play boules (no pressure), trade services with your fellow coworkers and join us at one (or both!) of our multi-award-winning coworking Berlin spaces!

  • One tuesday membership gives you access to two different coworking environments
  • Both coworking spaces are full of light and high ceilings, great for creativity or for focussing on what you really need to get done
  • Our members come from different walks of life: architects, coaches, consultants entrepreneurs, journalists, IT girls & guys, movie folk, NGO people, translators, writers, graphic designers, teachers, and more
  • You want to learn about something specific, e.g. how to do your own taxes, we’ll try to find a host for a workshop! Simply suggest a topic to us.
  • We also have a bunch of amenities available to all our members at no extra cost like our Zoom Room and Nap Room (big hit among the young parents at the space) and our Member Portal for finding experts.

Free Meeting Room Usage for Members

When it comes to renting meeting rooms in Berlin, it can get very expensive very fast. Thankfully, as a member of our coworking space, you get a minimum of 10 hours access per month to our three meeting rooms at no extra cost.

The meeting rooms are perfect for meeting your clients, conducting interviews or even as a quiet and comfortable working environment if you want to work alone. The fact that we have two different rooms in two different spaces, means you can switch things up if you feel like a change of scene or choose the room to match the occasion of your meeting.

Available for use, also at no extra cost:

Non-members can also book our meeting rooms:

Meeting Room

Full Privacy for your Calls

We also have two sound-insulated Skype cabins where you can make and take calls without distraction and without disturbing your fellow coworkers.

Interested in becoming a member and getting free meeting room access? Why not schedule a tour?

Team Offices at tuesday coworking

Spread across our two locations, we have a total of seven team/private offices, which can hold anywhere between 1-6 persons (work stations).

Have a look at our dedicated Team Offices page to find out all the details and see our current availability.


Fixed desk

Get your own fixed desk in our shared workspace along with all the perks that come with our monthly membership as well as your own locker thrown in for free!

More info +

This package gives you access to our coworking spaces with your own physical key! Set up a monitor, your family photos, your lamp and fan on your exclusive desk

  • 20 hours/month of meeting room usage included
  • Coffee, tea, milk (regular/almond/lactose-free) & printing for free
  • Contract can be terminated to the end of the month
  • Locker included

* All prices excluding VAT

Flex 100

Full (168 hours/week) access! Take a free desk wherever you like and still take advantage of a wide range of perks that come with membership at our coworking space

More info +

Full-time access to both of our coworking spaces, let yourself in to either of our spaces at any time with your own phone code!

  • 15 hours/month of meeting room usage included
  • Coffee, tea, milk (regular/almond/lactose-free) & printing for free
  • Contract can be terminated to the end of the month

* Price excludes VAT.

Flex 50

This, our most popular package, gives you a generous 20 hours a week of access to both of our coworking spaces. Click on "More Info +" for all the details!

More info +

This package gives you access to both of our spaces for 20 hours/week. We don’t monitor the hours, we trust you to be cool about this. If you repeatedly go over your allotted hours, come to us and we’ll try to fashion a plan that works for both parties.

  • 10 hours/month of meeting room usage included
  • Coffee, tea, milk (regular/almond/lactose-free) & printing for free
  • Contract can be terminated to the end of the month

* All prices excluding 19% VAT

Club Membership
€40* / month

You want access to all the benefits of a membership at tuesday without the need for a physical workspace? See all the benefits of our club membership below.

More info +
  • 1 day/free month in any of our spaces
  • 1 hour free/month in any of our three meeting rooms and podcasting booth
  • 20% discount on meeting room bookings (including our Zoom Room with full Zoom Room licence)
  • With over 100 coworkers at the space, all experts in their own field, you can search through our network by keyword, find an expert and message them directly to get the help you’re looking for
  • Get access to a range of discounts (40% off refurbished iMacs, free Revolut banking account for 6 months, etc.) through our exclusive partner for coworking spaces “”
  • Use the Coworking Visa to work from other coworking spaces all over the world for free (usually 1-3 days/month depending on the space’s policies
  • Become an Organiser of our “Schöneberg Events” page on to create your own events and advertise your event to hundreds of group members
  • Promote your brand with our #MoreThanADesk Skillshare sessions (made available on our Vimeo page) during which expert coworkers give 30-minute talks on their passion projects with Q&A sessions after.
  • Get discounts on local shops like 10% off Aux Plaisirs bakery on Belziger Strasse or €10 off gym membership packages with Urban Sports Club, €20 discount on registering your business address at tuesday
  • Free printing (up to 15 pages per week)
  • This and plenty more are all available as a tuesday coworking club member

* excluding VAT

Meeting Rooms
€18/hour* (min. 10 hours/month free for members)

We have three meeting rooms that seat 4, 8 or 12 people. Bookings are also possible at short notice.

More info +

Included at no extra cost: Flip charts, whiteboard, projector, WiFi.

Optional drinks flat-rate (€3*/person) includes mineral water, coffee and tea

* All prices excluding VAT

Registered Address

We offer the option to register your business with us (+ Google Maps). This is available to both members and non-members. Find out the details by clicking on "More Info +"

More info +

Registered business / Mail address service starting from €49/month* for non-members 

Here, you get your name or company name on our mail box and can use our address as your registered business address with the German authorities. You can also use the address for your Google Maps entry. Your new address will look as follows:

Your name / Your company
Belziger Str. 71 HH
10823 Berlin

Sign-up for this service with us here

* All prices excluding VAT

Get in touch

You have a question for tuesday coworking or want to book the meeting room? Send us a mail, we respond fast!