New Community Manager &
Just 1 Team Office Left


  • We welcome our New Community Manager, Benedita!
  • Behind the scenes at tuesday, just a peek
  • Now just one team room available

After all the momentous stuff that happened since my last mail-out (read about tuesday’s transition to a Ltd. company right here), hold onto your saddles, because even more has happened! 

For those of you who follow all things tuesday, you may have noticed some Social Media quiet these last couple of weeks. This is because I’ve been bringing tuesday’s new Community Manager up to speed with all the inner (co)workings of the now even more well-lubricated machine that is tuesday coworking. That’s right, we now have a Community Manager, whose job it is to make sure members have everything they need. Please welcome Benedita to tuesday, won’t you?

Benedita will be the face of tuesday with our future events. She’ll also be responsible for member well-being and our Social Media. I can count myself lucky to have found someone I already know will be both a great addition to the tuesday team and a great help to tuesday’s members. Welcome Benedita!

If you have any questions for Benedita or would just like to say hi, you can reach her on

Behind the scenes: Because “people like nice-looking things”, we have been coming up with some strategies for Social Media, so expect some colour curation on our Instagram channel (#50BAAE, if you’re interested in that kind of thing). We’re also brainstorming ideas on how to involve tuesday’s members even more in the decision-making processes for their space (community lunches on Tuesday, anyone?). If you want to know more about how we operate and keep our now 110 members happy, feel free to send us your questions!

Finally, maybe you know someone who knows someone who’s looking for a team office (pictured)? After welcoming Summa Consulting to tuesday, we now have just one office available. A team office in our coworking space means you don’t need to worry about long contracts, cleaning, huge deposits, Internet issues or remembering to buy coffee (our coffee). At tuesday, you can focus on your business and get access to our network of experts who can help you in all sorts of areas. Read all the details of our available office on our website:

Interested in joining our space as a flexible member, you can do that too, we have room! Why not come by for a free trial day? Register on our website:

That’s all for now!

Take care,