Zoom Room

No space at home? Not enough peace and quiet? Too many cats?

If you’re looking for peaceful, productive, effective, hassle-free video-conferencing, then why not use our Zoom Room?

Our stylish and affordable setup means you don’t have to worry about a thing, while our in-house engineer will make sure everything works for you from the start.

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As one of the very few publicly available Zoom Rooms in Berlin, we’re really going the extra mile for our members, who can use the room and tuesday’s Zoom licence for free as part of their monthly packages.
Non-members can rent the room by the hour.

Our Zoom Room has everything you need for effective video-conferencing, while the easy-to-use tablet interface means you’re not overwhelmed with cables or wires.

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You have a few more questions before booking… sure thing!

How do I share my screen or a participant’s screen?

Easy! If you have a presentation or want to share your screen, simply open a web browser on your laptop or on tuesday’s PC and enter a code to easily share your screen with all participants. If one of your participants wants to share their screen, send them the link and they can open it on their own web browsers. It’s that simple.

If you don’t need to share your screen, just use the tablet to invite participants directly to jump on the call via email, phone number or just WhatsApp them the Zoom Room code provided by tuesday.

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And the cost?

An affordable €25/hour (+ 19% VAT), free for tuesday members
(check out our membership packages).

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You want the specifics first? No problem

The specifics:

Video conferencing technology and other amenities provided in the room are:

  • Full Zoom Room licence and functionality
  • 65″ HD Sony Bravia TV (easy HDMI connection)
  • Plantronics microphone and echo-cancelling speaker
  • Logitech Streamcam camera
  • Zoom Room tablet interface for ease-of-use
  • Two WiFi networks (main and backup)
  • Projector, if needed
  • Natural light from both sides and high ceilings to give you space to think
  • Comfortable seating for up to 6 people (please consult our Health & Safety Policy for Covid-related restrictions)

Our Zoom Room also comes with more analogue requirements:

  • Whiteboard
  • Moderator’s box
  • Flip charts and paper at no extra cost

Mhmm, what else?

  • Our space is easily accessible via local transport with bus and U-bahns just around the corner
  • And our rooms can be rented Monday-Saturday

OK, I’m ready to boo…

But wait! There’s more

  • You have full privacy thanks to adjustable interior blinds & light curtains to the outside, and last but not least:
  • We have an unbeatable Coffee Circle coffee, tea & mineral water flat-rate available for €3/person/day plus tax.

OK, that’s everything

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Get in touch

You have a question for tuesday coworking or want to book the meeting room? Send us a mail, we respond fast!