What’s In A Name?
“tuesday… Ltd.”?

(to know why we called tuesday “tuesday” in the first place, skip to the bottom)

Things are afoot! Corona or no corona, the things, they just don’t do the stopping and tuesday coworking, as a thing, is in line for a change-up. The brand, the name “tuesday coworking”, will be continuing as is. However, the business partnership that oversaw tuesday’s creation back in 2016, will soon be redrawn and in that process, we’ll be taking our next step to becoming a fully-fledged, no-flies-on-us, deadly serious company company-style company. That’s right, we’re in the process of becoming a Limited (Ltd. or “GmbH”, if you feel like flexing your language brainses)!

“So… tuesday coworking Ltd., right?”, says you. “Not quite”, says I. At the beginning, we were slightly hamstrung by our finances. The only things we could offer with our bootstrapped budgeting were desks, chairs, coffee and a smile. While there was definitely a community, we lacked the technology and amenities to really offer something above and beyond. Over the years, however, we slowly but surely managed to expand our spaces so we could involve our coworkers’ more in the decision-making processes and implement what they requested for their spaces (hence the nap room as voted for by tuesday’s members). This slow progression meant we were able to maintain healthy finances, while providing new features and improvements on a near-to-monthly basis. Over time, we were able to offer so much more than just comfortable chairs and sturdy tables.

That’s why (coinciding with tuesday’s fourth birthday (and special offer)) we’re calling our new parent company: “MoreThanADesk GmbH“. We feel it sums up exactly where we are, what we stand for, and, as a name, it’s probably less confusing than “tuesday” 😉

“And what’s so MoreThanADesky about tuesday“, you ask?
“I’m glad you asked!”, I reply:

  • With over 100 coworkers at the space, all experts in their own field, you can search through our network by keyword, find an expert and message them directly to get the help you’re looking for over a coffee
  • You get access to a range of discounts (40% off refurbished iMacs, free Revolut banking account for 6 months, etc.) through our exclusive partner for coworking spaces “included.co
  • You can use the Coworking Visa to work from other coworking spaces all over the world for free (usually 1-3 days/month depending on the space’s policies)
  • You can become an Organiser of our “Schöneberg Events” page on Meetup.com to create your own events and advertise them to hundreds of group members
  • You can promote your brand with our #MoreThanADesk Skillshare sessions on Zoom (made available on our Vimeo page) during which expert coworkers, (you included?) give 30-minute talks on their passion projects with live Q&A sessions with participants after
  • Get discounts on local shops like 10% off Aux Plaisirs bakery on Belziger Strasse or €10 off gym membership packages with Urban Sports Club or a €20 discount on registering your business address at tuesday (and use it as your address on Google Maps)
  • You can use tuesday’s high-spec Røde mics and Zoom H6 Recorder to record your podcasts in our podcast booth (free for members)
  • Use our state-of-the-art Zoom Room with full Zoom Room licence so you can experience video conferencing, webinars and more in style on our 65″ Sony Bravia HD TV
  • And the usual: free printing, free coffee, free tea

“Ok, that all checks out… but you’re still called “tuesday coworking”?”

Yes, our brand name is “tuesday coworking” and will remain so until such a time as we get bored of explaining how we’re actually open every day of the week, which brings us nicely to…

….why is tuesday called tuesday in the first place?

Things are afoot(ball)! Indeed, much of the things we love are football-related, like the first ever Coworking Space Football Five-A-Side Tournament we organised back in 2018. Much of this stems from the founder, John’s, love of football, which he always played with his team, Hasenheide Hotspurs, you guessed it, on Tuesdays!

That’s one half of the story. The other half is that Tuesday is considered to be the most productive day of the week. Ergo, when you come to tuesday, then everyday is like a Tuesday (in productivity terms). Simples!