“This is How:” Work Tips, Tricks & Hacks

We pride ourselves on our strong community here at tuesday. With our community drinks and community lunches, we do our best to facilitate casual community-building. But sometimes it takes a bit more to get people to realise just how helpful (and time-generous) a community of like-minded freelancers can be!

With this in mind, we’ve started asking our members if they would like to share their work tips, tricks and hacks with the others. Thankfully, they obliged! Every Thursday afternoon we’ve had individual members present a tool or concept they apply in their work which they think other members could find useful.

We started our so-called “This is How:” sessions in February 2022 and they’ve been going strong since. Past sessions have included:

  • This is How: David‘s Company Uses Holacracy
  • This is How: Martin Uses Notion
  • This is How: Marc Writes Compelling Academic Texts
  • This is How: Natalie uses Online Whiteboards to Brainstorm with Others
  • This is How: Sophie Uses Design Thinking for Innovation
  • This is How: David Gets Things Done!
  • This is How: Igor Creates Online Advertising
  • This is How: Axel Manages Personal Finances with a Long-Term Perspective

The sessions are hybrid, meaning members can join either in-person in our Earth meeting room at Belziger Straße or online via Zoom. They are also part of our #formembersbymembers series of events, which, as the name might suggest, are member-only.

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