An Introduction to Meditation

* Due to illness this “Introduction to Meditation” has been rescheduled for Saturday, 9 Nov. same time, 2-4pm. Sorry for any inconvenience *

Are you curious about meditation but don’t know where to start? Do you get confused by all the information out there? Maybe you have a meditation practice established already and are curious to learn a different perspective?

Join us at tuesday coworking for another introductory workshop on how to relax the mind and connect with the body through meditation. TeachSurfing teacher Malte will guide you through the knowledge and methods needed for you to find your own way of starting with the practice.

The session is free and no sign-up is necessary. Just come along on the day!

Don’t really know what meditation is?

Meditation is an ancient practice that has been around in one form or another as far as we can track human history. Nowadays it’s experiencing a renaissance as many individuals, global organizations and movements discover its benefits. The positive effects of meditation on empathy, creativity, willpower and general well-being are widely studied and we keep learning as time passes.

When meditation caught Malte’s interest, he had to read several books, receive teachings and practice for years to get a broader perspective on it. He doesn’t feel though that all this research is needed to reach a decent understanding. Therefore, through this workshop, he aims to convey the essence of his understanding of meditation as simply and graspable as possible.

Malte has a background in Business Informatics and worked at IBM for some years before realizing that it wasn’t his true calling. Now he likes to share his experience in mindfulness and meditation. In his free time, Malte cooks, DJs, reads, writes, takes photos and of course, meditates!