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Language Classes with Feinsprecher

Feinsprecher (Deniz) offers morning & evening courses, semi-intensive courses, one-day workshops and team events for different languages and levels!

The course material has been developed professionally on the basis of didactical aspects and is designed in collaboration with graphic artists and illustrators with a great sense of functionality and a strong visual appeal. For each course (level) you will receive a booklet with information about the language, culture, food culture and recipes to be prepared during the class. Each lesson also includes valuable and useful exercises on various topics, learning tools and interactive vocabulary lists.

Languages taught:

  • German A1-B2
  • German Conversation A2-B2
  • Turkish A1-B1
  • Turkish Conversation A2-B2
  • Turkish One-Day Workshops

Other languages (including Arabic) offered according to demand.

Bonus: tuesday members get 15% off all language courses!

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Languages currently on offer

Free Coworking Abroad

Planning a trip, but need to work? tuesday is part of the Coworking Visa programme.

What does that mean? That means that any other space listed on this map will give full tuesday members free access to their spaces for anywhere between 1-3 days/month.

How does it work? You contact them, tell them you work at tuesday. They then contact us to confirm and that’s it!

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