tuesday newsletter #16

call for artists / survey results
hello everyone, long time no newsletter. just two quick announcements:
1. we’re looking to promote local artists and enliven our space a little. our meeting room has high ceilings and blank walls that we’d like to fill with art. you’ll have the advantage of exposure via our coworkers and a busy schedule of groups who book the meeting room, as well as the chance to invite your colleagues to an exhibition opening soirée. every two months we’re looking to feature a new installation.
please send us your proposals or let your artist friends know about us.
2. thank you to everyone who voted for www.tuesdaycoworking.com

in the www.twago.com best coworking spaces in berlin survey. we didn’t only go and win the bloody thing! so, our eternal gratitude goes to you, the blog recipient, without whom we would be nothing, figuratively speaking. you can read the (german) press release here:


— so there you are. let us know about potential artists, thanks!
yours, john + monika