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Happy Tuesday!

OK, you’ve been on Earth, but you were living under a rock watching a film called “Moon” on repeat for the last 10 days, meaning that you missed us winning our nomination for best coworking space in Berlin! That, and much more, in this mail:
tuesday wins 2018 Best Coworking Space Award
Standing desks by Deskmate, finally at tuesday coworking

HEUREKA – Competition Time!Free consulting for your business or ideaSpeak Spanish for peanutsStartup Safari sessions, get free tickets!Our new exhibition – Nikolaas Boden’s “Dispositions”


tuesday wins the 2018 Coworker.com Members’ Choice Award

Hot dog! We won again! Carrying on where we left off, tuesday coworking managed to win its coworker.com nomination for the 2018 Members’ Choice Best Coworking Space in Berlin. Understandably enough, we’ve decided to go all out, that’s right, full hog, and write a press release about it. Feel free to read and share this link:https://www.tuesdaycoworking.com/single-post/2018/04/17/tuesday-coworking-wins-“2018-Coworker-Members’-Choice-Award” Thanks to everyone who voted! We’ll soon be receiving our second batch of winners’ stickers after picking up our first award in 2016 as the Twago Best Coworking Space in Berlin. Your vote now means that the tuesday coworkers will get their promised goodie bags. I bet you wish you coworked at tuesday now! Unless you already do. In which case, go to the kitchen! Your goodie bag is getting all cold and eaten! ____________________________________________________________

Standing Desks by Deskmate (Photos by @gpparhar)

tuesday coworking members can now use these bad boys to break up their days with a little standing! I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

Pretty sweet, eh? If you’d like one of your own, go to deskmate.co. ____________________________________________________________The HEUREKA Returns – (almost) COMPETITION TIME!

The Heureka (5 June, Admiralspalast) is organised by online magazine Gründerszene and they say they’re one of the most important “Early Stage Founder Conferences in Deutschland”. This year’s topic is “Next Generation Founders”, but what you need to know is that there are food and hardware areas, which could be worth a look. There’s also a pitch battle where precocious youths battle it out for “fame, honour and a hotly sought-after prize” (probably stickers) by pitching VCs their ideas for the next big thing in online / offline fads (steal ye not my amazing ideas: “Tom McGotchy™ and Irate Fowl™!). Here are five of their speakers: – Rowan Barnett, Head of Google for Entrepreneurs – Thomas Bachem, chancellor and founder of CODE University – Cecil von Croÿ & Karl Bagusat, founder of PlusPeter – Franziska von Hardenberg, founder of Bloomy Days – Claude Ritter, Gründer BOOK A TIGERtuesday coworkers get 25% off anyway, but we’ll be running a competition starting this week (open to all) where two lucky winners can get a free ticket to the HEUREKA via our Facebook page, so be sure to follow us to be in with a chance. ____________________________________________________________By the way: Did you know that our meeting room is also available for bookings by the hour and is still great value. Hold your classes, have your private meetings, take your Skype calls, put on screenings, it’s all possible. Simply get in touch with us! info@tuesdaycoworking.com or +49 (0)30 6449 7772. ____________________________________________________________Free consulting for your business/idea (available to non-members too)

The “Kreativwirtschaftsberatung Berlin” is a mouthful. It’s also a free-of-charge advisory service for freelancers and creative businesses, providing consulting on start-up plans and business models. What’s more, they’re coming to tuesday to give members and non-members concrete specific advice that can really help you. TWO slots on 29 May 2018 are still available: 10.00 – 11.00 Session 1: ______BOOKED_______ 11.00 – 12.00 Session 2: ______BOOKED_______ 12.00 – 13.00 Session 3: _____________________ – Break – 14.00 – 15.00 Session 4: ______BOOKED_______ 15.00 – 16.00 Session 5: _____________________ If you want to book your free hour in ENGLISH or GERMAN with them in our meeting room on 29 May 2018, simply go here: https://kwb.simplybook.it/v2/#book/service/2/ Find out more about them at: www.kreativwirtschaftsberatung-berlin.de ____________________________________________________________Speak Spanish for peanuts! (open to everyone)

“speak.social” are opening a Conversational Spanish course at tuesday coworking every Tuesday from 17:30 – 19:00 from 8 May. 12 sessions will cost you a grand total of €29 and the class size is limited to 12 participants. If you’re interested, please sign up while it’s hot using this link! To find out the difference between “basic” and “conversational” classes, click here.Also: For anyone who already has some basic knowledge of Japanese, we have “basic” classes here at tuesday every Monday from 18:00-19:30. Maybe you or someone you know would like to jump in, we have space! ____________________________________________________________The Berlin Startup Safari is back!

If you missed its first run in Berlin last year, you won’t want to miss it this year! Although, maybe you will. I mean it’s fine. It’s just plain fine. In any case, we’ll leave it up to you to decide. And hey, it’s a good reason to get on your bike and burn some calories as you chase from one session to another, all the time cursing yourself for mistakenly booking sessions too close to each other. Get six sessions for free here: https://www.tuesdaycoworking.com/single-post/2018/04/11/Easily-win-tickets-to-six-Safari-sessions ____________________________________________________________New exhibition at tuesday coworking

“Resident” artist and tuesday fan, Nikolaas Boden, will be exhibiting his works at tuesday coworking for six weeks, starting with his vernissage on Saturday, 5 May and finishing, logically, with a finissage on 16 June. Come on down and tell all your friends!https://www.facebook.com/events/359021027942592/
That’s about everything for now. Happy what’s left of Tuesday to you! Best, John / tuesday