tuesday coworking makes a deluxe acquisition

Press Release, Berlin, 5 January 2023.

Berlin-based coworking space operator tuesday coworking has made its first acquisition in the Berlin coworking market with the asset deal purchase of Coworking Deluxe in Neukölln. Perfectly positioned in the creative heart of Berlin, tuesday coworking can now finally implement its business concept closer to home.

tuesday coworkings upcycled space in Neukölln

“After living in Neukölln for the last 15 years, it’s fantastic to bring everything back to where the idea of tuesday coworking was born,” says John Neilan, co-founder and owner of tuesday coworking.

Starting with a small space on a sleepy street in Schöneberg, tuesday coworking has expanded its portfolio every year since opening in 2016.

“Our philosophy of making debt-free acquisitions and revenue-sharing deals with landlords has meant that our cash flow has always remained steady, ultimately proving that the company is financially responsible. At the same time, our conservative approach to expansion has allowed us to stay true to our values by, for example, being able to offer our gender pay gap discounts to freelance members who identify as female without putting ourselves at financial risk.”

tuesday coworking saw a 30% increase in revenue in 2022 compared to 2021, and with this acquisition, forecasts another 30% increase in 2023.

With the acquisition of this new space in Neukölln, tuesday coworking has acquired a space that shares the same philosophy of sustainability as the company itself, thanks to the high percentage of upcycled furniture and fixtures. By combining this charming character with the business concept of offering low-cost coworking, John Neilan hopes to make the space profitable by March 2023 at the latest.

Name: Benedita Blattmann
Mail: info@tuesdaycoworking.com
Tel.: +49 (0)30 6449 7772

About tuesday coworking – MoreThanADesk GmbH

tuesday coworking’s space on Belziger Strasse in Wilmersdorf

MoreThanADesk GmbH, with two Spaces in Schöneberg, one in Wilmersdorf and now one in Neukölln, offers since 2016 the possibility to book workspaces in their tuesday coworking coworking spaces. The spaces are always manageable in size:

34 Fixed Desks in Pflügerstrasse, Neukölln.
13 Flex + Fixed in Feurigstrasse, Schöneberg
30 Flex + Fixed in Belziger Strasse, Schöneberg
18 Flex + Fixed in Bundesallee, Wilmersdorf.

There are various memberships to choose from, which can be cancelled on a monthly basis. Whether fixed or flexible workstations, team offices, meeting rooms, the podcasting booth, or a quiet space for a nap, tuesday coworking‘s offerings meet the needs of coworkers, both in terms of a productive work environment and an active community.

tuesday coworking also considers the gender pay gap when pricing: “It means that we offer womxn* (specifically, freelancers / entrepreneurs / solopreneurs who identify as women) our Flex 50, Flex 100, and Fixed Desk coworking memberships at a 19% discount. This is in line with the latest unadjusted gender pay gap in Germany calculated in 2020.”