tuesday Celebrates its 7th Birthday!

Every year, on 10 May, which this year magically coincides with the newly inaugurated European Coworking Day, tuesday celebrates its birthday. This year it was the seventh time we’ve done so and it’s been the most enjoyable birthday so far.

There was gluten-free vegan cake from Barcomi’s, fake Champagne and much confusion as we tried to adjudicate tuesday’s first ever indoor TRIATHLON!

Competition 1: tuesday-rules-boules on a, as it turns out, very uneven floor:

Competition 2: Much harder than it looks over-the-black-shelf paper airplane throwing

Competition 3: The final, most daunting part: a tuesday coworking quiz, featuring questions relating entirely to tuesday coworking:

The quiz had just 10 questions, among them:

1. Which of these does tuesday’s Community Manager Benedita have:
a) a drone-flying licence
b) a forklift driving licence
c) a motorbike licence
2. A former member of the space was once a leading member of which organisation, before renouncing them and writing a best-selling book?
a) Hell’s Angels
b) ‘Ndrangheta Mafia Clan
c) Ku Klux Klan
3. In total, how much savings in the form of discounted memberships did tuesday enable for refugees, freelancer women and students last year?
a) €20500
b) €24500
c) €27500

Answer key: b, c & c!

Congratulations to the winners, Tom, Sadhbh and Igor who won one Flex 100 membership for a month (worth €199!), one Pick-Your-Own-Fixed-Desk for a week and one Bring-A-Friend to tuesday voucher.

The celebrations were almost too short, but super fun and we’re now looking forward even more so to turning 8 😉

Thanks to everyone for coming and joining in the fun! Roll on 10 May 2024!