tue-G: New 2G requirement at tuesday

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

TL;DR: From today onwards, anyone coming to any of tuesday’s coworking spaces will be required to be either vaccinated or recovered (2G).

1-minute read:

The Berlin Senate today implemented their 2G / 3G Covid-19 requirements for office spaces. This is to be applied everywhere where “physical contact” to others cannot be ruled out. As of today, Wednesday, 24 November, all of tuesday’s coworking spaces (Feurigstrasse, Belziger Str. and Bundesallee) will be “2G: Geimpt or Genesen” only. Testing on the day is not something we have the capacity to enforce, which is one reason why we have chosen not to implement 3G. The other is that since rapid tests can also be imprecise, 2G is simply safer than 3G (source: RKI)

This means:

  • you should have proof that you are vaccinated* or
  • you should have proof that you have recovered no sooner than 14 days and no later than six months after a Covid-19 infection

This applies to:

  • everyone who has a coworking membership
  • tuesday coworking staff and service providers
  • guests – if you are bringing guests, you must reserve a meeting room for the duration of their stay and ensure that they also adhere to the 2G rule. We recommend downloading the CovPassCheck app to scan QR certificates.

NOTE: Our relationship with you is not employer <> employee, but coworking space provider <> member. As such, we have no right to ask you for proof of vaccination.

tuesday’s existing Hygiene Concept shall remain in place.

* If getting a vaccination poses to a risk to your own health, then we will of course not insist that you get one.