Time to Say Goodbye…

Even in its first year back in 2016, it was always intended to be a short, one-year stepping stone to something bigger. The idea was to build up the member base at our small, bootstrapped space on Feurigstrasse and then move everyone to a more financially sustainable space. Handicapped by its size, it would never have allowed anyone to make a living off it. It was paying its own way, but no-one else’s. The only problem was that coworkers really liked it. It was cosy, it had a kind of dingy, yet elegant charm. Polished-up street pallets on beautifully corniced walls, that kinda thing. So when, two-and-a-half-years later, we finally found that bigger space, our now flagship location at Belziger Strasse, it was hard to pull the plug on the smaller one.

We made it work though, spicing things up with movie nights, chess tournaments, exhibitions and “Feurigfest” – where we invited the entire street to pot luck evenings of music, art, food & drinks.

However, with the rent increases themselves going up each year, the coworking market in Schöneberg growing more competitive over time and the more recent gas crisis forcing us to sit in blankets for a couple of months, the appeal of running this now loss-making space grew less and less. And yet, we trundled on, servicing two Schöneberg spaces, trying to convince ourselves it was one community. And that one year we initially envisaged somehow turned into eight.

On a street full of empty units, you’re forced to wonder was providence or earthly folly behind our landlady’s decision to multiply the annual rent increase by a factor of three. As it would unfold, probably the latter; the cause of everyone’s woes being “inflation”. Mm-hmm. And so, time has come to say goodbye to the space where it all started. A space steeped in emotions for me personally, as it’s where I met my wife on one of those movie nights, where hangs the artwork of a recently deceased friend, and where was unlocked a previously unknown ambition for entrepreneurial success!

More than just a goodbye however, this is also a thank you to Feurigstrasse for being the spark. You did your job far too well in the end, so bidding farewell comes circa 5-6 years later than planned.

Photo: tuesday coworking – Feurigstrasse in 2016 with Monika & Gaspard

Of course, it’s also a thank you to everyone involved. To Monika Berstis, who helped set it up, to all those who’ve worked for or at Feurig, to all its guests and well-wishers, and to all my friends & family who dedicated their time, skillsets and resources to making this space work. Much more than that though, you helped make this business work, one which is now the livelihood for four human beings!

Thanks for everything, Feurigstrasse! Let’s hope you’re not left empty for too long!


The last day of coworking at tuesday coworking – Feurigstrasse is on Friday, 19 April 2024.
Come help us say Goodbye to Feurigstrasse properly from 3pm.

tuesday coworking currently has three thriving locations in Berlin:

Bundesallee 187 in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf
Belziger Str. 69-71 in Schöneberg
Pflügerstr. 18 in Neukölln