The First Ever Berlin Coworking Football Fives

tuesday coworking, with the kind support of Instant Offices, hosted the first ever coworking football five-a-side tournament (#coworkingfives)! A five-a-side football tournament with teams made up of members from coworking spaces all around Berlin.

Why? It was a great way to make our community even stronger and promote coworking in general. It was also a good way for the different coworking managers to get to know each other in a more informal setting. Thanks to Florian Kappes of Instant Offices, the full-day tournament was free for all spaces to enter and was loads of fun. We played football, had a laugh and had a few beers after.

The video review

Congrats to the eventual winners: TU Kickers!


Space:                        Team name(s)

Group One:
tuesday coworking     “tuesday coworking Wednesday”
Kiez Büro                     “Kiez Büro”
CfE (TU)                      “TU Kickers”
JuggleHub                  “Team JuggleHub”
Ahoy Berlin                 “Medengineers”

Group Two:
Betahaus                   “Betahaus United FC”
Betahaus                   “Mighty Betas FC”
Impact Hub              “Impact Hub”
Brewdog                    “Sonntag Superlads”
Brewdog                    “Strange Brewdog”