six-month review, new product + team opportunity

hello everyone,
it’s been a hectic six months since we launched

tuesday coworking and it’s time for a quick recap. we’ve changed the setup around a little, so if you’ve not been in a while, come on over for a tour!

so far it’s been an interesting, fun and sometimes challenging time for us (7 a.m. wake-up calls, seriously?!). so what have we been up to and what do we have in store? the addition of our friend kevin ryan’s "HauS" installation has really given the space some character and it already feels like tuesday wouldn’t be tuesday without them. what’s more, he’s promised to add an extra feature in time for christmas! good man, kevin! another highlight was
the 3d printing workshop with our man, steve. we’ll be looking into doing more of that kind of thing. feel free to comment below if you would like to find out more about a specific topic, e.g. taxes, banking, startups, you name it, and we can look into finding someone suitable to host an after-hours session at tuesday. and coworkers, feel free to host your own event too!
other highlights so far have included

berlin’s first annual coworking festival, which was great fun as well as the 8th edition of the berlin startup safary

, where we learned a lot, not just about startups, but also about net- and coworking. so, to the future! as you know, we’re always looking to find new and interesting perks for our coworkers. alongside our existing collaborations with

urban sports club and (ask us for discounts codes!), we’re currently talking with local food suppliers to develop strategic partnerships for healthy and affordable lunchtime options delivered to the space. sure to come in handy this winter, when you won’t want to leave our beautiful, warm, cosy home-away-from-home 😉

new product (no, it’s not the beautiful tuesday coworking limited edition mug): we decided to dispense with our monthly six-day package and offer instead a weekly package (five consecutive days). it’s available as of now, so come get it!

join the team: if you’re smiley, organised,
reliable, proficient in german and english and can deal with managing up to 14 people at a time (usually no emergencies, don’t worry), we’re looking for someone to work

at our space for around 15 hours/week. most of the work is fairly easy, opening/closing shop, giving quick tours, but we’d also expect some marketing and event organization from you. in return, we can offer you a 100% discount on our

monthly flexible desk(with all the perks that go along with it (for example: 1. all the coffee 2. core team members got free tickets to the startup safary (worth €62) and 3. the chance to get in on the ground floor at an innovative startup that’s going places, we think). if you’re interested, send us an email:

so that’s it. everything’s chugging along nicely for the moment. stay tuned for more news and the hopefully not-too-embarrassing results of our youtube interview.
stay classy,
tuesday (john + monika)