September @ tuesday

That’s right, a newsletter on a Friday evening. We’ve officially lost our little minds.

First up, thanks to everyone who came to our events for the Berlin Coworking Festival last week. We had a blast. The chess tournament especially was particularly… uh…. blasty, so well done to all involved – and well done to Sol, the eventual champion. But to the future! As a little Kirsten Dunst in Interview with the Vampire once said: “I want some more!” And so do we. So, here’s what’s coming up for the rest of the month at


:Tuesday, 19 Sept.: Knowledge Management Meetup Berlin: Storytelling – free Want to learn about the power of storytelling when applied to sharing and exchanging knowledge? Then come to the "Berlin Knowledge Management Meetup" next Tuesday at tuesday coworking!

Even though it says “full” on the "Meetup" page, meet-ups, from experience, usually have a lot of no-shows. So being on the waiting list is as good as “Attending”. All is not in vain. Come.Tuesday, 26 Sept.: Creativity Club – €10 Early Bird In a cosy atmosphere, learn how how even small acts of creativity can shift our thinking. Topics for the session include: • Creative activities • Discussion on resilience • Ways to make creativity part of your routine • Giving voice to your muse • Emphasis • Balance • Proportion • Unity • Harmony • Contrast • Rhythm • Repetition Let us know if you’re coming:, 30 Sept.: BikeSurf Berlin Repair Workshop – free

Come heal your wheels (#healyourwheels) at another Repair Workshop. Just rock up with your bike any time between 12 and 4pm and we’ll hopefully show you how to fix your bike. Teach a man to fish, etc. Let us (and your friends) know if you’re coming:

And back to coworking: Since our beloved Aussie crew is moving on to more Polish climes (lucky Warsaw), we now have some more deskspace available for anyone interested in coworking with us.
Sign up for a trial week for €35, and if you like us and decide to take up a flexible desk membership with us, we’ll discount your first month’s payment by the same €35. What do have to lose? (That’s a rhetorical question, we’re well aware you have €35 to lose, please no mails 😛 )
So have a good weekend and hopefully see some of you in the coming weeks! tuesday