Review 2018 and Preview 2019

Hello everyone!
First off: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, etc.
With that out of the way, it’s time to look back at what was a great 2018. We give you tuesday’s 2018 in numbers:
Annual Feurigfests: 1
Members who had babies: 3
Language courses: 4 (German, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish)
Pop-up dinners: 1
“That’s all well and good”, you might say, “but that’s all in the past!”. “Quit livin’ in the past!”…, you might say. Alright then, to whet your appetite for 2019, have a look at our January, which we’ve started calling the “January of Learning”
Here’s what both members and non-members can look forward to:
Funding basics revisited:
– Find your funding seminar (in German) with Rosita Kürbis (English seminar in February)
Yoga and Breath & Focus sessions – First dates are 7 and 10 January at 9am
Free PC folder organisation workshop – Find out how to efficiently organise your computer’s folders using Evernote
Film nights return – Our 4-week-long series will feature Iranian road movies
Free open-source coding for beginners workshop – Always wanted to know more about programming and how much fun it can be? Find out for free this January
Public speaking workshop (provisional) – Still sorting out the details of this, but a friend of tuesday is a public-speaking coach and we’d like to organise something and that’s just January!
We’re delighted to have been able to enjoy the year with all of you and hope to see more of you again in 2019. For anyone who might be interested in coming along for a free trial day, feel free to write to us at We’re quite friendly 🙂
Best, John from tuesday