Podcast: The Origins & Future of tuesday coworking

Back in June 2020, co-founder and owner of tuesday coworking, John Neilan, sat down for an interview with Tim Grandjean of TGJ Marketing for Tim’s Business Minds Podcast.

If you’re interested in knowing:

  • how tuesday came back from the brink in 2017
  • how tuesday is like a gym and
  • how tuesday completely changed John’s life,

why not give it a listen here:

Our highlight
JN: “Translation was the nadir of my existence.”
TG: “Cool.”


If you want to hear more about tuesday coworking, check out our own radio tuesday” podcast, which first aired on 19 Oct. 2020.
It’s a show about nothing… and tuesday coworking.

tuesday’s members are also quite active podcasters. Check out our “made in tuesday – Podcasts” Spotify playlist featuring, among others: Nadja Raabe of findQ and Val Racheeva of Female Founder Space.

Happy listening!