our 3d workshop and your new prints

last night, we had our friend, steve tattum, over to teach us all a thing or two about 3d printing. thanks, steve! not only that, he also set up tuesday coworking as a 3d hub, so if you need to inexpensively print out a bird or a rabbit or a rabbit-shaped bird or indeed anything you like, here’s one way to do it: go to www.thingiverse.com and select something you want to print. then upload your file to our page on 3dhub.com and we should have it ready for you in 2-3 days. easy as that.
have a good week!
p.s. if there’s an area you’d like to know more about, tell us and we’ll see if we can arrange a similar event at tuesday. or just get in touch if you’d like to host your own event.