Not Special Offer (a response)

tuesday coworking doesn’t offer much. You don’t get receptionists with stamped-on smiles or a maze of stunning, seemingly endless glass walls to impress your high-end clients. You don’t get appearances where “looking good” and “being seen” matter. You don’t get promises of life-changing programmes that will make you or your company more everything. You also don’t get any ball pits, nor have we staff here to make you coffee with patterns in the milk for you. No, none of those things. Sozballs. We are very much a budget space. But “budget” thankfully doesn’t mean that you’re lumped into an overcrowded hall with only a window ledge or a couch sans table to sit on while you try to sort through your invoices. 

We think you get what you pay for: Access to a desk, access to a comfortable upholstered office chair with a seat not made of hard wood. Access to a coffee machine with fair-trade coffee and organic milk. Access to our perfectly fine Internet. Access to printers with printing included in your membership fee. And around-the-clock access to our two very different coworking environments with perfectly nice, friendly people coworking beside you. 

Our pricing, as our members say, is “fair”. I tend to agree. So no, when you ask me if I can cut you a deal or if we have any special offers, I can’t see any way to do that without insulting my existing members or devaluing what we’ve worked hard to put together over the last few years. We can, however, guarantee that any price increases we would make in the future won’t be applied to existing memberships. So if you’re interested in coming to check out our productive, communal, functional, comfortable and affordable workspace, you’re more than welcome to. Our Not Special Offer is special in its own way 🙂