New Film Series, Exhibition and more!

Hello all, We’ve got a jam-packed schedule of events coming up before the close of the year and all of them free, free, free, so you have no excuses! 😉
New film Series — Game Night — "smaller & faster" Exhibition
On Thursday, 23 November, we’ll be starting a new month-long series of documentaries:Four Films About Films:

Film no. 1: “Room 237” (2012) about the Shining Rodney Asch analyses Stanley Kubrick’s film adaptation of Stephen King’s classic horror novel, "The Shining", and comes up with some pretty interesting interpretations. Watch the trailer here: Please let us know if you’re coming. Donations very welcome! The other films in the series: 30 Nov. 2017: Hearts of Darkness (1991) – about Apocalypse Now 7 Dec. 2017: Jodorowsky’s Dune (2013) – about… Jodorowsky’s Dune 14 Dec 2017 (2002): Lost in La Mancha – Terry Gilliam’s attempt to film The Man who Killed Don Quixote All films will start at 8pm sharp and will be in English.27 November – Tellit! Storytelling Game
Absolutely everyone is creative! This session is about storytelling and being creative. With help of the game we will come closer to the idea of what creativity might be for oneself or one another.
No matter if older or younger, dentist or plumber. It’s about being together and creating together, having fun and enjoying a great time. The more you play, the more you learn, the more you understand, the more you risk and the more creative you are!Tellit! Fritzi, our facilitator for the evening has developed a storytelling game as part of her studies. The game provides insight on creativity, games, and of course, human behaviour. If you missed it when we ran the first session in September, now is your chance to come and experience the power and engagement of storytelling. We will start to gather at 6pm, the game will get started at 6:30pm to give people time to arrive and settle in. We expect to end at approximately 8:30pm. Please let us know if you’ll be joining:, 13 December from 7pm – Vernissage: smaller & faster We are delighted to have friend of tuesday and all-round good egg, Nadine Stewart (, exhibiting her latest works in our space for six weeks starting 13 December. Serendipity plays a big role in coworking, as it did in the back-story to this vernissage:

“After stumbling upon a box of old photographs outside a bookshop in Prenzlauerberg, and after a very short exchange between John and the extremely well-oiled woman minding the shop, we walked away with a trove of over a thousand old family photographs of complete strangers. The photographs in this exhibition date from early to mid 1900s. The people in the photographs are unknown, but this does not take away from their ability to evoke a feeling of familiarity, inspiring the viewer to revisit memories of similar situations with their own families. Each photograph tells a small part of a bigger picture. The first selection of photographs will be shown under the title smaller & faster, a play on how photography has changed from using bigger devices which required a long time to set up, to smaller, faster ones that a lot of people use today.” Let us know if you’re coming: That’s everything for now! Oh, and of course if you’d like to come cowork with us, check out our range of packages here. Also if you wish to book our meeting room, it’s still extremely good value. Best, John