Hygiene Concept /
Health & Safety Policy

Changes to tuesday coworking’s Health and Safety Policy to combat the spread of Covid-19

As a result of COVID-19 we have implemented new procedures to help reduce the spread and flatten the curve. This involves updating our Hygiene Concept / Healthy & Safety Policy on a regular basis. Conditions can change, please check back here frequently.

Update, 5 November 2020:

Are you curious about what tuesday coworking is doing to restrict the spread of Covid-19 as much as possible? Our members know what to do:

– Wash hands
– Check in
– Open windows (hourly)
– Turn on air purifier/humidifier

We’ve taken these and more measures over the last few months to make sure our coworkers are as safe as possible when working at our spaces. 

Update, 29 October 2020:

So, here we are again. Lockdown, but “lite”. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Here’s today’s article in Die Zeit: https://www.zeit.de/politik/deutschland/2020-10/bund-und-laender-beginn-von-kontaktbeschraenkungen-am-2-november

For those who prefer to consume their news in English: The federal states all got together today and decided that from Monday, 2 November, the entertainment, gastronomy and sports industries are all going into lockdown again. Although nothing is official just yet and my go-to source of information & interpretation, the Berlin Chamber of Commerce also needs to wait before they advise me anything, I thought I’d nip it in the bud and let you know of what will change for you as a member of tuesday coworking next week and what will stay the same:

Given that shops are allowed to stay open provided each customer has 25 square meters for themselves, I can imagine that a number of persons per square meter will be determined for spaces like ours, but since we have no way near the same amount of human traffic as retail, it’s probable that we won’t need quite as much space between people. Until further notice however, it will be business as usual in that regard. Just try to keep your distance to each other where possible.

Check In:
One thing we will be reinstating is our mandatory Check-In. We did this during the last lockdown in April. This means that you must check in on members.tuesdaycoworking.com when you arrive at the space. You don’t have to check out when you leave as this will happen automatically at midnight, but you can if you want to.

Ventilation and Air-humidifiers:
On top of the hourly ventilation, which I must say, you have all taken to like ducks to water (thank you!), air purifiers for the spaces will arrive in the next few days. They also act as air humidifiers. This is, I’m confident, the last piece in the jigsaw puzzle for keeping the spaces as safe and as hygienic as we possibly can.

As always, if you have any suggestions on how we can further improve the spaces in this regard, please let us know. We’re always open to new ideas.

Stay safe everyone and let’s keep opening those windows!

For our previous updates, you can find all of our updates throughout the year on our Hygiene Concept / Health & Safety page.