Google Reviews meets
Review Forest

We had a few queries since our last episode (2.1.) of Radio Tuesday (28 January 2021) about the link-up between Google Reviews and what you see above, “Review Forest“. Review Forest is a startup that will plant a tree for every review someone leaves for your business or service on Google.

How it works: You set up an account on and then you’re given a slice of code which you can put into your website or into your email signature as follows:

Whenever someone clicks on it, they’ll be forwarded to, and then forwarded from there to the relevant Google Review page. With each new review, you as the review recipient are charged €5 for the entire logistics and planting of the tree, which is done in combination with the Plant-For-The-Planet Initiative. You can also pay for previous reviews if you want. On your Review Forest profile page you also get a visualisation so you can watch your forest grow over time with each reviewer’s name assigned to a specific tree.

So ya, that’s how it works. If you want to leave tuesday a rating, we’d love to plant a tree in your name!


John, 28 January 2021