Get to know Berlin Coworking during the…

You want to get to know the Berlin-Brandenburg coworking scene better? Well now’s your chance! In the week Monday to Friday, 11-15 September, there are a whopping 28 spaces hosting a wide variety of events for the Coworking Festival, the theme of which is “Future of Work”!

tuesday coworking is of course on board this year too and we have three events of our own coming up for you on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday!

Tuesday, 12 September, 7pm: Chandelier Session with M.Rider

Find out where work meets culture as we welcome M.Rider to join us under our chandelier’s glow. Tickets to this Chandelier Session are free, but limited, so why not just grab yourself a ticket now before you forget! 😉

Thursday, 12 September, 7pm: Discussion Night

Find out where work meets intellectual exchange as tuesday coworker Igor Don (from The School of Life and The Center for Obscure Services) invites us to answer the question, Should there be a maximum voting age? Participation in Igor’s Discussion Experiment is free, so why not just pop along and get to know our Belziger Strasse coworking space while you’re at it!

Friday, 15 September, 4-6pm: Bike Tour of Schöneberg Coworking Spaces

And finally find out where work meets exercise when you join me (John from tuesday coworking) at 4pm on Friday as we schwing ourselves onto our saddles and discover what’s behind the doors of four very different Schöneberg coworking spaces! Find out all the details and register here.

Then later on Friday…. the Festival Closing Party

Have a drink with me & the tuesday team as we join our neighbours at Engelnest in Schöneberg for the Closing Party at 6pm: Find out all the details and register here.

So there you have it!

If you’re interested in having a free trial day at tuesday coworking during the Festival Week, get in touch! Find out how we can help you with our network of spaces, our networking opportunities as well as a wide range of perks and discounts. Arrange your free trial day here!