Freelancer Benefits & the European Freelancers’ Week

We take pride in offering our spaces as a home to what I sometimes refer to as “the neglected freelancer”. Since lots of the, admittedly louder, coworking spaces focus their attention squarely on the newest hippest start-ups they can invest in, and other big players move more and more into a full-service offer for corporates with 100+ employees, oftentimes it’s the individual freelancers who get overlooked. Well, we’re here to do something about that. And thankfully we’re not alone: there are a number of resources freelancers can make use of and when those resources come together, like for the upcoming European Freelancers’ Week, that’s when beautiful things happen.

So how does tuesday coworking help freelancers?

Besides the fact that working from any coworking space, not just tuesday, means you don’t always need to keep your home heated during the day (#gascrisis #sharingeconomy), there are numerous advantages, not just financial, to joining coworking spaces. We don’t need to get into greater detail about them here, suffice to say coworking spaces are awesome in regards to productivity, environmental impact, social aspects, and perhaps most importantly, mental health.

And in a way, mental health is a thread that weaves its way through all of the programme points we’ve picked out for you below. Be it through experts providing peace of mind to help you make the right decisions for your future, through applying life hacks to free up your time, or through joining a network of freelancers who have your back, there are plenty of new events coming up this October with freelancers in mind. While some of these events are part of the European Freelancers’ Week (14-21 October 2022), others we have ongoing year-round at our spaces.

Below you’ll find our four (plus one) picks for great free opportunities made available to freelancers and (recurring) events facilitated by tuesday coworking, all happening this October!


(recurring event)
Friday, 14 October 2022, 11am-5pm CET+1 at tuesday coworking, Belziger Str. 69-71, 10823 Berlin

tuesday coworking welcomes back Finance & Insurance expert Tobias Siebert ( of MLP who will once again provide in-person advice and recommendations in 45-minute slots to tuesday’s members. Tobias will have an open door to all those looking for:

  • an overview of required and optional insurances in Germany
  • a choice of the best offers on the market
  • a mortgage loan and investment guide

…among other things.

2. GLOBAL SOCIAL SAFETY NET FOR FREELANCERS – What is it and why do we need it? (€42.35 Free with “TUECO” code)

Tuesday, 18 October 2022, 9am CET

SafetyWing, an insurance provider for digital nomads, is on a mission to remove the role of geographical borders as a barrier to equal opportunities and freedom for everyone. Sondre Rasch, co-founder and CEO of SafetyWing, will discuss how things like health insurance, disability, and pensions will be available globally and across borders, and what this means for the future of humanity’s wellbeing and safety.

To register for this event and claim your 100% discount please visit the following URL:

This session is also part of the Freelance Business Month, the full programme for which you will find here:

3. #NOFREEWORK Campaign (€42.35 Free with “TUECO” code)

Friday, 21 October 2022, 9am CET

Inspired by an unpaid bill to the tune of £11,000, Matt Dowling founded the Freelancers Club. Over the past 8 years, the Club has assisted in the development of over 49,000 freelancers and entrepreneurs whilst facilitating over 200,000 paid jobs. They run a variety of campaigns including #NOFREEWORK, fighting against the exploitative practice of unpaid work within the freelance sector and Ethical Hiring, a campaign raising awareness around fair payment, diversity and inclusion.

Join Matt for his online event on Friday, 21 October, as he explains how the Club and its campaigns work.

To register for this event and claim your 100% discount please visit the following URL:

This session is also part of the Freelance Business Month, the full programme for which you will find here:


(The “This is How:” format is a recurring event)
Friday, 21 October 2022, 3pm CET+1

Time Management Expert, Marie Schrader says if you’re someone who doesn’t have time on a Friday at 3pm for an event like this, then you definitely need to make time for this event.

Learn simple and amazing hacks on how to manage your time better and have your Google Calendar work for you, rather than the other way around.

Marie helps her clients to organize their day-to-day life and business better. She has worked with growing start-ups (tech/pharma), but also with small solopreneurs from media, art, health. Marie will share her expertise and life hacks for 35-45 minutes and will close the session with a participants’ Q&A.

Join us either in person at tuesday coworking‘s event space on Bundesallee 187 in 10717 Berlin or online via Zoom: Register your attendance


Proceeds Business Development Agency

Friday, 28 October 2022, 2-5pm at tuesday coworking, Bundesallee 187, 10717 Berlin

This free 3-hour workshop facilitated by in partnership with tuesday coworking aims to establish a sales foundation for your company or start-up in order to create a resilient and scalable sales process. Participants should have mastered or at least got to know the methods and tools to both take their first steps in professional sales and win their first customers.

What specific knowledge should participants go home with?

Participants should take away the following knowledge from the workshop:

  • Selection and setup of a suitable CRM system
  • Initial ideas on compensation models for sales employees
  • Sales relevant KPIs
  • Setting up mail and social selling campaigns for lead generation
  • Basics of telephone canvassing and customer acquisition

Demian Romelli, co-founder of, a Berlin-based agency with a focus on sales & new customer acquisition for start-ups & corporates, has developed a workshop and he’d like to take it for a test drive. That’s why these first sessions in sales are free for all tuesday members. Neat, eh?

Before you sign up:
We’re limiting spaces to a maximum of seven participants for now, as that’s how many will comfortably fit in our Metal meeting room at Bundesallee (Note: you do not need to have our All-Access membership to take part in this session).

Member sign up:
Send an email to with Sales Workshop as the subject.