Business Event: Unlock the Potential of your Voice Workshop

Do you want your ideas to have an impact? To inspire and engage your audiences and conversation partners?

Of course. We all do.

When you believe in something, whether this is a concrete idea or a vision, you want to share this with others and get people on board. Whilst sharing your stories or professional messages with people, it is not only the content that will make an impact. How you utilise your voice often determines how well your ideas are perceived. Your voice can make your speech more dynamic and power to your message. If you want your story to be heard, your voice is the key.

Through this seminar you will experience more comfort in using your voice in front of an audience. You will learn to use the full capacity of your voice, which will help you to add more dynamic to your stories and professional message: to transform your story on paper into a vivid, alive story that the audience can feel part of.

Together we will discover the effect your voice has on an audience and create confidence in expressing your message. We will practice different voice dynamics that we can use when we present or speak in front of others, think of: talking fast or slow, in a high or low tone, loud or soft.

This interactive seminar will help you discover the potentials of your voice through a range of fun exercises and help you feel confident in using it to express your message!

Use this opportunity to

  • Discover the wide range of possibilities of your voice
  • Learn what the effect of your voice is on an audience
  • Experience the fun of using your voice in different ways
  • Learn techniques to calm your nerves before using your voice

This 2-hour session is in-person and interactive.

No previous public speaking experience required.



Esther de Bruijn is an actress and theatre maker from the Netherlands, based in Berlin. She loves passing on her knowledge on how we can use our body and voice to express ourselves. In her workshops she highly values creating a space in which you feel safe enough to get out of your comfort zone and explore what you are all capable of. She recently started working together with Berlin Speaking, to use her knowledge in the field of public speaking and help people communicate their ideas powerfully!

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