Workshop: Giving Presentations That Matter

Do you often give presentations at work or university that just feel … pointless? Do you want your presentations to have the impact befitting to your audience, your expertise and yourself?

Then this session is exactly for you.

The way we traditionally learn to prepare presentations at school and university misses a crucial aspect: That presentations can – and should be – vehicles for meaningful transformation. No one wants to listen to reports, yet conference venues and meeting rooms brim with report-style presentations that leave audiences bored and speakers demotivated from speaking again.

The good news: It’s not the content that’s at fault (in most cases, at least). With the right approach, you can take any data, knowledge, or contents and craft a presentation that matters to you and your audience.

Public speaking is a powerful tool to share ideas, spread knowledge and inspire lasting change – when used purposefully.

When I sit down with thought leaders, experts and CEOs to develop keynote speeches and TEDx talks, the first thing we define is the purpose. Without purpose, any presentation is doomed to fail.

This interactive, introductory seminar will transform the way you approach presentations, give you the confidence to share your ideas with the world, and make your future presentations matter.

Use this opportunity to:

  • Become a more effective communicator
  • Design a Game Plan for preparing any presentation
  • Identify a clear purpose for your presentations
  • Boost your excitement for upcoming presentations
  • Start giving presentations that MATTER!

This 2-hour session is in-person and interactive.

No previous public speaking experience required.

About the trainer

Pascal is a passionate public speaking professional who gets to do what he loves: to pass on his experience & insights to those who are still too nervous to have their voices heard. Working in the heart of Europe’s start-up landscape, Pascal empowers CEOs, academics and aspiring speakers to confidently communicate their ideas, generate interest for innovative products and present with a WOW-factor!

His clients include: Bayer, Philips, HelloFresh, zalando, Delivery Hero, Soundcloud, N26, Plug&Play, Berlin Startup School, TEDx

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