This is How: to Pick Wine

After a break for the Summer, the “This is How” Sessions are back! And they’re back with gusto!

Fill your gutsos with some very tasty wine courtesy of wine consultant, writer & educator (& tuesday member) Paul Knittel!

If you’re interested in knowing the dos and don’ts of picking wine, what traps to avoid, what words to forget and what to actually say when ordering a bottle of wine in a restaurant, then join us on Thursday, 10 August.

Paul’s preparing a session where he’ll share a few useful tips for any day drinking. There will also be a wine tasting at the end for the first ten people who join the session!

The “This is How:” sessions are a #bymembersformembers event exclusively for tuesday coworking members, hosted by tuesday coworkers and facilitated by tuesday coworking.

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