The Discussion Experiment

Join us for another round of the Discussion Experiment! In this series of events, organised by our member Igor Don, we explore new techniques to make group discussions more interesting, fun, and insightful. In each session, we discuss a real question to test and refine the method while having a thought-provoking evening at the same time. This time, we will discuss the following topic:

Do we bring populists to power by being too progressive?

Can it happen that a part of the population, for whom the media and politics have become too left-wing, will vote for populists who then could permanently damage democratic institutions? And if so, should leftist activists and left leaning civil society really make compromises and soften their demands? Or would that make the problem even worse? …

Come along, experiment and discuss with us. You don’t need to prepare anything, just bring curiosity and about 1:30 hour of time. There are two discussions independent of each other. You can participate in either or both.

When & where:
6 November – 17:45 -19:30
tuesday coworking, Belziger Str. 69/71, Berlin

23 November – 17:45 -19:30
tuesday coworking, Belziger Str. 69/71, Berlin