Tell It! Tuesdays – Ireland Edition

There are a bunch of literary events on in Berlin all year round, but none quite like “Tell it! Tuesdays”.

“Tell it! Tuesdays” is a cultural event series that highlights visual and performance artists, journalists and writers as they present literary and visual exhibitions, and talks directly with the audience about their work.
We seek to celebrate the vibrant arts community in Berlin by specifically showcasing the diverse vernaculars of artists from around the globe.**

Join us on the last Tuesday of every month where the artists take the stage with their work, break through the conventional cannons of the art world, and tell it!

October: Ireland.

Open Call for Submissions!
If you are a literary or visual artist who has pinpointed their Irish heritage as playing a role in the exploration of your artistic expression, and would like to present and have a conversation about your work, please send an email to with:

• your bio
• description and title of your work
• a sample of what you’d like to present (ie images, writing excerpts, videos etc.)

Open to submissions until October 20th.

Date: Tuesday October 29th
Time: 19 – 21.30
Place: tuesday coworking
Belziger Str. 69/71, 10823 Berlin

Open to all – donations are strongly recommended, as all proceeds pay the artists and presenters.
Suggessted donation: 5 euro / 4 students

**We understand that borders implemented during colonial imperialism and militarization and consequent nation-state names may not reflect just voices elimnated by the modern-day designation of “country borders.” We seek to curate a space for increased attention to the vernacular voices of specific spaces, therefore we actively engage in examining terms like nation-hood/state/borders, migration, and community alongside exhibitions and presentations, and seek to include as many of the marginalized voices in artistic and literary practice, from all around the globe.

This space and its events, do not tolerate violence of any kind that threatens people on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, skin color, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, physical appearance, socio-economic lines, religious affiliation, age, disability, language, migration status, or health. We explicitly reject queerphobia, transphobia, racism and sexism.

Hosted by Rhea Ramjohn
Find her at Rhea Ramjohn Writer