Business Event: Communicate with Impact

Do you often find yourself delivering presentations that feel aimless? Are you eager to ensure your presentations resonate with your audience and reflect your expertise?

If so, this session is tailored just for you.

Traditional approaches to presentation preparation often overlook a critical element: the potential for presentations to drive meaningful transformation. Nobody wants to sit through dry reports, yet meeting rooms are filled with uninspiring presentations that leave both audiences and speakers disheartened.

The encouraging news is that, in most cases, it’s not the content that’s lacking. With the right approach, you can take any data, knowledge, or information and shape it into a presentation that holds significance for both you and your audience. Storytelling is a dynamic tool for sharing ideas, disseminating knowledge, and instigating lasting change, when used with intent.

Storytelling defines, guides and enables your intent.

Storytelling shapes your communication’s impact.

“Words are how we think. Stories are how we link.” – Christina Baldwin

By understanding the elements of storytelling, you’ll discover countless opportunities to turn your knowledge, expertise and experiences into stories that captivate your listeners. Join us to begin your journey towards becoming a natural storyteller.

This interactive, introductory seminar will transform the way you approach presentations, give you the tools to share your ideas with the world, and make your future presentations even more impactful.


Use this opportunity to

  • Understand what makes for an inspiring story
  • Explore and use powerful storytelling formats
  • Develop stories that will capture the hearts and minds of your audience
  • Share your story with your peers
  • Become a better storyteller on every level

This 2-hour session is in-person and interactive.
No previous public speaking experience required.


About the trainer

Pascal is a passionate public speaking professional who gets to do what he loves: to pass on his experience & insights to those who are still too nervous to have their voices heard. Working in the heart of Europe’s start-up landscape, Pascal empowers CEOs, academics and aspiring speakers to confidently communicate their ideas, generate interest for innovative products and present with a WOW-factor!

His clients include: Bayer, Philips, HelloFresh, zalando, Delivery Hero, Soundcloud, N26, Plug&Play, Berlin Startup School, TEDx

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