Sales Workshop with proceeds Business Development

What is the purpose of this workshop?

To establish a sales foundation for your company or start-up in order to create a resilient and scalable sales process.

What is the goal to be achieved at the end of the workshop?

Participants should have mastered or at least got to know the methods and tools to both take their first steps in professional sales and win their first customers.

What specific knowledge should participants go home with?

Participants should take away the following knowledge from the workshop:

  • Selection and setup of a suitable CRM system
  • Initial ideas on compensation models for sales employees
  • Sales relevant KPIs
  • Setting up mail and social selling campaigns for lead generation
  • Basics of telephone canvassing and customer acquisition


Demian Romelli, co-founder of, a Berlin-based agency with a focus on sales & new customer acquisition for start-ups & corporates, has developed a workshop and he’d like to take it for a test drive. That’s why these first sessions in sales are free for all tuesday members. Neat, eh?

Before you sign up:
We’re limiting spaces to a maximum of seven participants for now, as that’s how many will comfortably fit in our Metal meeting room at Bundesallee (Note: you do not need to have our All-Access membership to take part in this session).

Sign up:
Send us an email (John: with Sales Workshop as the subject.