Coaching Event: Time to Think

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Time to Think Coaching

Individual thinking spaces for focused reflection & immersion

Would you like a protected space to think through specific questions and topics in peace and without interruption, to get focused and efficient in action? After all, the quality of our actions depends on how well we have thought things through beforehand.

What would you like to think about?

No matter whether it’s a professional or private topic or question, there is room for everything. The only commitment is that you want to think for yourself.

What is “Time to Think”?

We create a space (with the 10 components of The Thinking Environment) in which you can think clearly, independently and with focus. Dr. Gesa Gordon, author, coach and Time to Think facilitator, listens attentively. While you ignite your thoughts, she asks focused questions, you create clarity and find unexpected answers to act efficiently – full of responsibility. She accompanies you on an equal footing, without ever taking over your thinking for you. You yourself dissolve your obstructive assumptions and blockades. Your actions become authentic and correspond to your personal values.


Gesa will be offering two free, but limited, slots exclusively to tuesday coworking members in our Earth Meeting Room on Friday, 12 Dec. Session 1 starts at 10:00, Session 2 starts at 11:00.

To reserve your spot, send Gesa an email: First come first served.

Dr. Gesa Gordon
Mainzer Str.18
10715 Berlin

+49 (0)173 3208458