Coaching Event: First Aid Workshop for Dogs & Cats

Interactive first aid and emergency response training for pet owners and pet professionals.

The workshop will cover the following main topics:

– Checking vital signs and overall health
– Toxicity: dealing with poisoning cases
– Bandaging and wound care
– Assessing the severity of an animal’s condition
– Safety precautions and holistic care

1-2 demo dogs will be available to practice on!

Here’s the agenda in full:

– Introduction – workshop overview & meet the hosts
– Normal vs Abnormal – vital signs, identifying symptoms
– ACTIVITY: checking vitals on demo dogs
– Safety Measures – pet proofing the home, physical restraint and training
– Common Poisons – recognition, and treatment
– First Aid Kit – what should be in it?
– Basic Wound Care – wound disinfection and bandaging techniques
– ACTIVITY: bandaging practice on demo dogs
– ACTIVITY: Assessing the urgency & severity of three cases
– Holistic Health – Record keeping and alternative therapies
– Wrap up: Q & A

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This event is organised by Paw a Peau: “We create digital solutions to support the well-being of pets. We have cool merch, too :-)”