Experimental Discussion Game II

How do we discuss controversial issues in groups without ending up in the typical dead ends? How do we have conversations that are fun and allow us to understand new things, instead of going round in circles, getting lost in details or furiously talking each other into the ground?

We’re hosting a discussion game which should hopefully bring us closer to this goal.

The basic idea of the game is that we don’t try to convince each other, but rather make our knowledge, opinions and experiences available to one person, who moderates in each case. We will explain exactly how this works on the evening.

You don’t need to prepare anything, and you can decide at any time whether you prefer to get involved or just listen. You only need to bring some curiosity and around 90 minutes of time.

This game is designed to discuss big topics:

  • Should there be an unconditional basic income?
  • Do we need to restrict freedom of expression in order to protect it?
  • Is the withdrawal from nuclear power a mistake?
  • Should we regulate or even ban meat consumption? etc …

However, we will decide spontaneously on the evening which topics are actually interesting and relevant for us right now, that is, which topics we want to try out the game with.

We’re very happy about every single participant. See you Thursday!


The experimental discussion game is a #forcoworkersbycoworkers project by tuesday coworking member, Igor Don.

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