Berlin Coworking Festival (tuesday edition)

It’s that time of year again!

Brace yourselves for the Berlin Coworking Festival X – 10th Anniversary (9-13 Sept. 2019), celebrating, would you believe it, 10 years of coworking in Berlin!

So what is it?

The Berlin Coworking Festival is an event aimed at promoting coworking in general. So far, there are 15 signed-up spaces opening their doors to promote coworking culture to anyone coworking curious.

You can try out all of the spaces listed on for free for the entire week and all of the events are also free to enter.

Now more than three years on the go, tuesday coworking is of course also taking part in the festival. We’re opening up our two Schöneberg spaces (Belziger Strasse and Feurigstrasse) for the week and also have a few events planned:

  • On Tuesday, 10 September, if the weather’s nice, we’ll be taking coworking to the park! Specifically, Heinrich-Lassen Park, conveniently located between our two spaces here (Google Maps)Come get your work done while enjoying the lush green grass underfoot and fresh air in your lungs. We’ll be setting up our shared coworking table from 1-5pm in one of Berlin’s most beautiful parks and you’re welcome to join us for as long as your battery lasts! Find out more here: Cowork in the Park
  • Then on Thursday, we’ll be celebrating the soft-opening of our new upstairs space at 5:30pm at Belziger Strasse. We’ll be organising some wine & cheese, which we’re hoping will go down well in our so-called “White Garden” concept space!
    Check out our cheeses here: First Floor Opening / Wine & Cheese Tasting

Check out all the details of the festival at and learn all about what “New Work” means.