Anti-Valentine’s Day: “Cupid’s Chokehold”

Berlin Lovers,

Are any of you looking to celebrate, or not celebrate, Valentine’s Day? Thinking of skipping the romance, chocolates, flowers and clichés? Then, we’ve got the perfect event for you!

Join us, February 14th, for the launch to the second edition of our collaborative zine: “My Homegirls’ Boyfriends,” Volume II. We’ll be featuring a collection of stories and drawings that highlight what it’s like dating in the 21st century, from heartbreak hotel to digital love affairs and everything in between!

Bring your friends, lovers, tragic exes, and/or Tinder dates. The more, the merrier! Let’s indulge ourselves in some Anti-Valentine’s Day shenanigans.


Looking to share your personal story of love, lust, or heartbreak? Do you have poetry, prose, fiction or non-fiction you’d like to share with the audience? Please bring it with you! The event will feature a line-up of those willing to share their story.

** Notes to Keep in Mind **

– All languages welcome
– What’s shared here, stays here
– Try your best to facilitate creative exchange
– Let’s keep it a SAFE SPACE (Please respect individuals’ preferred pronouns, cultural identities, and stories)

Please come early, if you’d like to get-to-know the artists and coworking space. We will have some light refreshments served before the readings.


Like what you see, feel, or hear? Help contribute what you can. There will be a table full of art, zines and publications for sale. Support local Berlin artists by buying their work!