A Wilmersdorf Evening of Jazz & Wine

Sometimes, just sometimes folks, we wake up heels over head, feet glued to the ceiling of a cave, desperately trying to piece together the jarring memory flashes of the night before. As we loosen our shoelaces to fall to the floor of what we now realise is our bedroom, we scramble together some clothes, choke down a handful of Ibuprofen 900 that we scrape together from the bathroom sink and whip ourselves into shape as we look to calm our shaking hands so we can adequately fill our finest crystal glassware with the oakiest of wines, before smashing the chandelier switch, turning the amplifiers down to 5 and a half, and finally permeating the room with only the finest soothing auditory derivations as we present to you the preemptive denauseating hangover cure that is our segment:

Jazz & Wine!

Those finest soothing auditory derivations are coming to our space in Wilmersdorf, on Saturday, 30 April, courtesy of the Nick Cavoli Quartet.

Here’s Nick himself to explain how it all came about:

The idea of this quintet originally starts from the Italian trumpet player, who after moving from Rome to Berlin in 2020, tries to establish relationships with the jazz scene of the new metropolis. Rather than a band this is an international project involving musicians from all over the world, from Argentina to Japan. During the lockdown there was a chance to meet and experiment playing together outdoors at first and then in clubs and at bigger events. They already recorded their first EP, at the beginning of August 2021 named “Standard Days”. The concept which connects all these different musicians is the love for old jazz songs which they like re-interpreting and arranging in their own way, taking their inspiration from artists such Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, Thelonius Monk, the Jazz Messengers and Lenny Tristano. They also play their original compositions as everybody in the band is also a composer and likes to bring his own creations and “put it together” with the other musicians.

So if you’re interested in coming by for an evening of just that, we’ll be opening our doors at 6pm, music from 7pm-9pm with everyone out by 10pm. That’s the plan at least.

Tickets are €10 on the door.

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