Coworking in Berlin – tuesday update

Hello Everyone, What news, you ask? Well then, we have a number of different events in the pipeline over the next few weeks:New Exhibition – Meetups (+ host your own) Before we get to the fun stuff: For anyone interested in boosting their productivity, why not join our very friendly coworking community at

tuesday coworking, we have exactly two (2) spots left. Our fixed desks cost €200/month (with 24-hour access, postal address and limitless meeting room hours) and our flexible desk costs €150. Find out the details of our different packages here: or better yet, why not drop by for a tour or if you have any questions, send us a quick email, we respond fast: info@tuesdaycoworking.comRight, now to the wine and stuff…

New exhibition: This coming Thursday, 27 July from 7pm, we have the vernissage of our latest exhibition: The Works of Willy Beppler (1933-2009). The paintings deal with man and nature and have an open religious thematic. Come along, there’ll be refreshments.
Meetups: In the coming months we will also be hosting a couple of “Meetups”. If you’re not familiar with Meetup or, it’s a platform where people with similar interests arrange to actually physically, non-virtually, in-real-life “meet” “up” with each other to discuss their similar interests. I know, crazy. And since tuesday is open to all sorts of craziness, we’ll be having two such meetups very soon.
One will be on the topic of Knowledge Management with a focus on Storytelling, while the other deals with the Art of Innovation. So if you’re interested in managing your or your company’s knowledge or if you’re curious about how to be more curious, open minded, creative, innovative and resilient in your professional and personal life, then this for you. Each meetup is €6, but

tuesday members

can join for free. Click on these links to find out more and sign up:

9 August 2017 – Art of Innovation19 September 2017 – Knowledge Management: StorytellingAlso, why not follow tuesday coworking on Facebook

to make sure you don’t miss out on these Meetups and other events we organise. And if you’re already a meetup expert, then perhaps you’d like to host your own meetup at tuesday. Send us an email:

, we’re open to all sorts of things. So, that’s everything for now. Have a good week everyone! Oh, and of course if you’d like to book our

meeting room

, it’s still unbeatably good value. Best, John