Coworking Festival: Our Highlights for You

Indeed it is, and with 30 spaces involved this year, it’s the biggest coworking festival we’ve ever had. Thanks a lot to Thilo at Cobot for all the legwork and putting the website together.

So with 30 spaces involved, not only is that a lot of spaces to go check out, but there’s also quite the choice of specials free events to attend over the week. Here are our highlights:

Monday, 5 Sept. 2022

6:30-10pm, Monday Movie Nights at C-Space in Weissensee

Tuesday, 6 Sept. 2022

4-6pm, Start-up Workshop in local:work in Wandlitz
7-9pm, Product Networking – How to Design Great Products at MotionLab in Kreuzberg

Wednesday, 7 Sept. 2022

12-2pm, Coworking Festival Community Lunch at MotionLab in Kreuzberg
7:30-9:30pm, Chandelier Sessions with Between Balconies at tuesday coworking in Wilmersdorf 

Thursday, 8 Sept. 2022

10-11am, Betabreakfast with Digitial Rheuma Lab at Betahaus Mitte
5-7pm: Digital Nomads Meetup at Engelnest in Schöneberg

Friday, 9 Sept. 2022

10-12 Pancake Breakfast and mini-lecture on ice-breakers at b+office
6pm-open end: Coworking Festival Closing Party at Engelnest in Schöneberg

Looking for more details? Check out all the different coworking events going on during the week at: