A little something this Christmas

We’ve got a little something lined up for you this Christmas time. Did someone say, piñata made out of glitter and stinky cheese?!
No. Worse. Someone said karaoke. Jesus God, why?….

… Introducing:

(The “Don’t-Worry,-There’s-Wine” Edition)
From 6pm on Friday, 13 Dec. 2019, Belziger Str. Downstairs

To all the climate-change deniers, flat-Earthers and karaoke fans out there, you can go ahead and say otherwise, but you must admit one thing: karaoke, as a hobby is pretty peinlich. You’d have to be half mad to want to take part in it. And yet, you do, and, what’s worse, you’ve convinced us to join in with you while doing so. God help us and save us.

Here’s the programme for the evening

6pm: Decorking (on the dot!)
6.01pm: We’ll be showing the film “Classic”: “Feuerzangenbowle” (1h 30m) (in the background)
7:45pm – late: Karaoke

So, yes, we might as well make the most out of it. The karaoke is here now and there’s nothing we can do about it. Instead we can show karaoke who’s boss and pretend we’re having a good time by using it as an opportunity to reflect on what has been an eventful year while screaming about how much we all love twerking… or whatever music is about these days.

So come, bring your friends, your partners, your kids and embarrass yourself (and your kids) with the rest of us! tuesday will provide the drinks and some snacks.