5% discount on coworking, other discounts and new installation!

G’day! In this quick little email, you will find our:
New permanent Alice in Wonderland vs. US Patent Office installation
Third-party member discounts
Coworking offer: Thinking about taking the plunge and joining tuesday coworking? Why not take a free trial day in July and if you join up any time after that, you’ll get a 5% discount on your chosen package!
Just send us a message with 5% Summer Deal in the subject line and come over whenever it suits (before 1 August).
Our three packages:
– Fixed Desk: €265 + VAT
– Full-time Flex: €165 + VAT
– Half-time Flex: €85 + VAT
All prices are end prices – no hidden extras

Permanent Exhibition:

Drawings by The Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus of Julius von Bismarck in collaboration with Benjamin Maus (2006-2018) are taking up residency in our new space as a permanent exhibition. Stop by and be dazzled by 50 meters’ worth of drawings produced by a machine which read Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and cross-referenced it with terms registered in the U.S. Patent Office. Check it out here:
By the way: Did you know that our meeting rooms are also available for bookings by the hour and are still great value. Hold your classes, have your private meetings, take your Skype calls, put on screenings, it’s all possible. And our event space is available for evening and weekend bookings. Simply get in touch with us! info@tuesdaycoworking.com or +49 (0)30 6449 7772. ____________________________________________________________
Third-party member discounts:

Just look at all the different deals you can get as a member of tuesday through our partners:
10% off all graphic work through our new partner in the Philippines: Dezynspace – Extremely responsive and starting from €13/hour. Check out this design they made for us/themselves:
If you’d like to join a Summer Coworking Camp in Brandenburg from 12-14 August (this means three days of country air, swimming, yoga, pizza/barbecue/healthy foods, campfires and coworking) with our friends over at Coconat, there’s a discount for anyone connected to tuesday. Just send us a message and ask for it. http://coconat-space.com/summer-camp/ (The website prices are not yet discounted)
And of course, the deal of friendship! *eyeroll* But seriously: Get out of the house, meet new people, play boules in the park (this Friday, we play boules!), take part in feedback sessions (get 10 minutes of feedback/advice/brainstorming from your fellow coworkers (happening today at 3pm!)) have lunch together, enjoy happy hour drinks (tuesday sponsors a crate of beer every Friday) and get work done in a beautiful bright environment!
And there are plenty more deals through the Urban Sports Club, included.co and others
So what are you waiting for? Send us a message and start coworking today! See you at tuesday! Best, John