Spotify, “radio tuesday” and European Freelancers’ Week

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We’ve been keeping a low enough profile here at tuesday, trucking along in our unassuming way. We try not to write too much fluff, and only annoy you when we think something is worth reading. With that in mind:

European Freelancers’ Week

This week, until 25 October, is European Freelancers’ Week. Here’s a selection of virtual events, all free, over the course of the week, which we think could interest you:

So, that should be enough to put in your pipe and smoke, no?

But what’s that you read above? Podcasting? What’s that you didn’t read? Spotify?
In what must be the worst segway ever, we’re announcing to the larger world out there the launch of tuesday coworking’s Spotify playlist as well as the very soon to be launched radio tuesday podcast. 

The Spotify playlist was compiled by tuesday’s members and curated by us into four moods. Want to get yourself into the productive work mode of the tuesday coworker? Just pick your mood and get to it:

tuesday – Inspiration
tuesday – Chill
tuesday – Focus
tuesday – Energy

We also created a “made in tuesday – Podcasts” playlist, showcasing the various podcasts our members have produced. You can expect to hear coworkers interviewing coworkers like Nadja Raabe interviewing Val Racheeva for the Blog for Another Planet series. Stay tuned too for coworker Tim Grandjean’s interview with John Neilan (tuesday’s owner-manager), for his Business Minds podcast!

radio tuesday

And as if that wasn’t already enough to feast your ears on: Every two weeks, our new radio tuesday podcast will keep you up-to-date with relevant news for our members as well as for the world at large. Like what, you ask? Have a listen!

  • like the above Freelancers’ Week
  • or how broke Instagram recently by crashing through the 1000 followers 
  • or how we added yet another amazing member benefit providing even more added value to memberships at our spaces.

That’s it for now! 
Have a good week everyone!

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